Weibo Message to all Users - Fun, Love, & Entertainment

This is a message that has started popping up on my Weibo account lately:



Do you like finding interesting people? Weibo is a fun place! Hurry up and discover classmates, celebrities, and cute girls and guys on Weibo!

One thing that I've noticed is how much Weibo will explicitly push the idea of finding "cute" people to follow who aren't celebrities. Other than pointing users to celebrity's accounts, you don't see Twitter sending out messages to discover "cute" or "pretty" people on twitter. This message to all Weibo users emphasizes that it is a place to find interesting people, celebrities, classmates, and cute people. You don't see an emphasis on Weibo being a place to find out good information about local and national politics and news, even though that is why many people use it.

I've been using Weibo a lot over the past few months and it's been fascinating to note the major differences in how people have discovered Weibo vs Twitter. I am preparing a blog about these differences so stay tuned!