Non-weibo conversations of real name registration

A man walks by on the train offering 1 hour of DVD player rentals for 10rmb. The man sitting on the chairs says, “what if I run off with the DVD player?” The vendor replies, “where will you run to? We’re on a train. Plus now you train tickers require real name registration.”

The vendor leaves and all the men discuss how it’s possible that people don’t steal the DVD players when they rent them.

Background: Over Chinese New Years in 2012, the government implemented real name registration for train tickets. Technically, all tickets must be bought with an identification card and all tickets and identification cards are checked when entering into the train station. The identification card number is printed onto the train ticket. One can easily get around this rule. I've been testing the policy. First, I tell ticket sellers that I don't have my ID card on me but I know my number. They have always sold me a ticket. My assistant buys tickets for me by just giving them my passport number. He has always been able to buy my tickets.