Subway Ad Campaign for safe sex - APICHA's Young Men Having Sex with Men


I sat on APICHA's Adult Committee for their YMSM (Young Men Having Sex with Men) project. We advised youth outreach organizers on how to implement outreach projects to create visibility around issues facing the young men in the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community.  The mission of the YMSM Project was  to combat AIDS-related discrimination, and to support, empower, and enhance the quality of life of Asian & Pacific Islander YMSM. In 2004, the YMSM Project finished the third NYC subway ad series (picture on left). 

Over the three years I was involved, I learned so much about how youth make sense of their identity and all the complex race and ethnicity issues within the API community. The funding that we received for thsi project was controversial (from CDC) but in the end we were able to produce an excellent campaign.

2005tricia wang