Fun interview about Chinese migrants and internet cafes with Benjamen Walker's radio show, Too Much Information

I love the way my interview turned out on Benjamen Walker's Too Much Information. We met in Austin, Texas at SXSW and he ended up super fun to work with.

Benjamen has traveled to China several times and the converstaions we had was so refreshing. He didn't ask the same old questions that reporters usually go with.

We had a lovely conversation about the topics I had brought up in my SXSW presentation on Chinese migrants. Here's the episode below, Too Much Internet.  My interview is the last one starting at 38:45 (easier to select time code with the soundcloud file).

And check out the amazing line up of people he has on his show from Paul Ford to Analee Newitz!

You have to listen to Paul Ford's interview where he rails on writers who complain about the web. He calls them the Gutten-bourgeoisie.  His interview is an extention of an awesome article he wrote a few months ago, The Web is a Customer Service Medium.

I call the people who say such things the Gutenbourgeois. They believe in the cultural primacy of writers and editors and they feel good—even a bit superior—about working in publishing. They believe it is their job to drive culture forward. The web, they are a little proud to admit, confuses them. They say: “We gave away all those short stories on our website but it sold no books.” Or: “We built a promo site for our famous author who does the crime novels and it was just a total boondoggle with no traffic.” Or: “The magazine can't get enough pageviews, even after we hired the famous blogger. Now management wants to make people pay for access.

Analee Newitz is one of my favorite writers on technology. She is super smart and always gives nuanced analysis on race and gender. She also runs I09, one of my fave sites on science fiction. Her understanding of the web is so wide - it just makes me want to get into her brain!

And while I have your attention on Benjamen Walker's show, if you love smart comedy, then you have to listen to this episode with one of my favorite comedians out there, Armando Ianucci. OMG if you haven't heard of Armando yet, then check out this short youtube clip where he tries to save the British Theatre by appealing to Kenyans for charity.

Here are some other links to other things that I love by Armando Ianucci!