Don’t Trust the Truth

What are the consequences of believing in absolute truth and not making room for multiple perspectives? Back in August, I returned to my favorite conference in the world to give the opening keynote at The Conf. I gave the talk I always to give, but never had the chance to write. 

tricia wang
Attempts to Stop Terrorists on Social Media Threaten Both Privacy and Anonymity

When I first started hearing about the encryption ban, I saw many writers give thoughtful and cogent responses, pointing out inaneness of the ban. But one thing I saw missing from the conversation was a discussion about how the ban wouldn’t just harm our privacy, but also our anonymity. I’m grateful to Slate for giving me a space to pen an op-ed on this topic.

I've joined IDEO as an Expert-In-Residence in Shanghai, China

Hello friends, I've moved to Shanghai to join IDEO as an Expert-In-Residence for a few months! For both of IDEO and I, Design Thinking is a fundamental approach to solving business problems. In particular, the IDEO Shanghai studio and I think that understanding Chinese companies is a window to the world. And most importantly, we both care deeply about putting humans at the center of systems.

Transcript of my talk, "The Conceit of Oracles: How we ended of up in a world where quantitative data is more valued than qualitative data"

In September 2013, I delivered the opening keynote to the EPIC (Ethnographic Praxis In Industry Conference) 2013, a conference for people who care deeply about making organizations more human-centered. EPIC is a truly an interdisciplinary gathering, bringing together people who work in marketing, strategy, design, research, and academia.

New Talk "Designing for Trust: How China's Free Lunch avoided The Curse of Kelvin" and Notes from Media Evolution's The Conference

Free Lunch is a non-profit in China that uses a crowd-sourced reporting and monitoring system to gain donor's trust. The system is filled with inefficiencies and redundancies, but it's very good at getting people to donate and participate.

Lift Talk Notes - Dancing with Handcuffs: The Changing Geography of Trust in China

When I moved to China to do a year of continuous fieldwork, I didn't want to leave the country to give any talks. But when I got an invite from Lift Conference to speak, I didn't want to turn it down. I have been a fan of Lift Conferences for a long time and it was an honor to be invited. So I skipped out to Geneva for a week to speak at LIFT12.

Op-Ed with An Xiao Mina in Wired's Threat Level: Real-Name Registration Threatens the Lively World of China’s Microblogs

As researchers of the Chinese inter-webs, An Xiao Mina and I always get lots of questions about what happens on Weibo. People think that the only thing that happens on Weibo is censorship or resistance. In reality, it's somewhere in the middle. So we wanted to write an article that would capture what really is happening on Weibo. It's in English and Chinese below. Enjoy!